Turkey Time


When ensconced recently in a caravan in northern New South Wales , Denise and I were visited every day by a bush turkey , also known as a brush turkey . These girls and boys are very common on the east coast of Australia , even in Brisbane , where they make pests of themselves by scratching through peoples veggie gardens , looking for food .

Australian Scrub Turkey

Australian Scrub Turkey

We had two of them , Mr and Mrs , regularly patrolling the caravan park . I went into the scrub to find their nest , as I reasoned there had to be one . I found it not far into the bush . They basically build a large mound , bury the eggs , and wait until they hatch . The mound keeps the eggs at a constant temperature . If you visit any of the National Parks , or even small rest areas , you will usually find a scrub turkey or two wandering around the place .

Scrub Turkey Nest

Scrub Turkey Nest

They are quite harmless , just don’t leave any food unattended , as they may want a taste .


  1. Used to see turkeys a lot just wandering around when I lived in the Black Hills of South Dakota. But I really like the name scrub turkey. Kind of fun to say it out loud. :)

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  2. Hi John,

    Oh goodie! We like to call that dinner over here in the States, lol, especially with our Thanksgiving holiday only a few weeks away which offers singles some great opportunities to meet others as well as lots of great relationship building family time.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

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  3. In the US all thoughts turn to Turkeys as our Thanksgiving Holiday approaches. It is good for the Brush Turkey that they are in Australia instead of headlining someone’s Thanksgiving Day Feast!

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  4. I haven’t been able to buy (dead) turkey since arriving on my little tropical island, and sometimes I miss it – like now, after reading your post!

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  5. I think that’s the cutest turkey I’ve ever seen! :)

    Cherie Miranda
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  6. Kevin Bettencourt says:

    It’s Thanksgiving here in the states on November 24th. Sometime I get confused as why would you celebrate such an American holiday.

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  7. Turkeys are on everyones mind right now in Minnesota…mostly, what goes with the turkey dinner!!!
    Sonya Lenzo

  8. Turkeys, I don’t see them very often, but I will look for those nests now!

    Mark Hogan